Luminous Light Spa in Singapore (CLOSED)

Luminous Light Spa by NeuGlow is located within Singapore’s The Centrepoint shopping centre, at 176 Orchard Road. (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

The light spa offers LED light treatments that both heal and improve the customers’ skin, resulting in radiant and rejuvenated beauty.

Luminous Light Spa at The Centrepoint mall in Singapore.

Luminous Light Spa takes advantage of the therapeutic use of incident light through the company’s Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) with HEALITE II and LUMI-LIGHT SKIN THERAPY, typically in 20 minute sessions.

The therapies use formulations that combine different healing wavelengths of light, with complementary, natural skincare products to optimise light absorption and its work in your skin, delivering beneficial light energy deep into the dermis layer, stimulating cells within to boost protein production and rebuild skin structure.

Luminous Light Spa The Centrepoint (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)
176 Orchard Road, #06-11, The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm

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