Luxe Pets – Pet Grooming Services in Singapore

Luxe Pets, a good provider of pet grooming services in Singapore, operates within Gek Poh Shopping Centre – Jurong West (762 Jurong West Street 75).

In business since September 2013, the outlet is a one-stop pet shop, covering for pet grooming services, pet spa treatments, and pet retail store products, including pet food & toys.

Each pet is handled with love & care and full attention, including a practice of a ‘no cage’ environment, with no dogs kept in cages during waiting.

Luxe Pets - Pet Grooming Services in Singapore.

This pet-friendly approach will help keep the pets calm and social.

In terms of being a retail store, the pet shop carries, for example, pet grooming products (shampoos, toothpaste, tooth gel, liquid soaps, ear drops, ear cleaners, scissors, gloves, brushes, grooming kits, flea & tick sprays, odour remover sprays etc)…

Pet Store in Singapore - Luxe Pets.

…pet food, cat litter, dog dental chews, cat dental bits, pet treats, cat food, dog kibble, kitten pet food, puppy dog food, hamster bedding sand, hamster food, rabbit food, turtle food, as well as small animal food, hay (for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas).

Among the pet care brands at the pet store, meanwhile, are the likes of Beaphar, Bioion, Absolute Plus, Zoetis Petcare, DD Multicare, Pet Horizon, Espree, RELIQ, AdorePet, For Furry Friends, WeePet, Nootie, DoggyMan, CattyMan, Mini Animan, Oxbow Animal Health, Afreschi, smallbatch…

Pet Treats in Singapore - Luxe Pets.

…Underdog Pet Foods, Carna4, Kakato, Twistix, SmartBones, Monge, Versele-Laga, Burgess, Absolute Pet, Happi Doggy, Altimate Pet, Power Cat, ANF, Stella & Chewy’s, Kit Cat, and Breeder Celect.

Luxe Pets – Pet Grooming Services in Singapore
Blk 762 Jurong West Street 75, #01-336, Gek Poh Shopping Centre
Singapore 640762

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