Mazazu Crepe Shops in Singapore

Japanese crêperie chain Mazazu Crepe has two locations in Singapore, one at 112 Katong shopping centre (112 E Coast Road) and another within Liang Court Shopping Mall (177 River Valley Rd).

Owned by Japanese Mother’s Crepe and Cafe and managed by Singaporean A Sweet Tooth LLP, Mazazu Crepe offers delicious Japanese-style crepes made from a proprietary crepe mix and whip cream recipe.

Mazazu Crepe shop at 112 Katong mall in Singapore.

The recipe aims to combine healthiness with deliciousness, with a crepe mix that has flour mixed with bran, resulting in very high dietary fibre content plus a balanced profile in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Mazazu Crepe uses a proprietary recipe for our crepe mix and whip cream, which is a result of many hours of hard work and research and development by the Mother’s Crepe team in Japan.

Mazazu Crepe Shop Locations in Singapore

Mazazu Crepe 112 Katong
112 E Coast Rd, #B1-11, 112 Katong
Singapore 428802

Mazazu Crepe Liang Court Shopping Mall
177 River Valley Rd, #B1-30, Liang Court Shopping Mall
Singapore 179030

The official Mazazu Crepe Singapore Facebook page is available at

Following the Facebook page, you’ll learn details about the creperie’s promotional offers, their events, plus much more.