Mex Out Mexican Restaurants in Singapore (CLOSED)

Mexican restaurant chain Mex Out has three locations in Singapore, including a special neighborhood-style dining place at 313@Somerset mall (313 Orchard Road). (UPDATE 2019: ALL THE RESTAURANTS HAVE CLOSED)

Mex Out offers tasty and affordable Mexican delights, including burritos, salads, tacos, and burrito bowls, taken from recipes originating from Baja California to the Suchiate river.

Mex Out Mexican restaurant at Marina Bay Link Mall in Singapore.

When you order at the restaurant, the main process happens in three step-by-step stages, where you first choose the base (burrito, rice bowl, tacos “street style”, tacos “baja style”, salad bowl, or nachos)…

…then the main fillings (char-grilled chicken, cochinita pibil, carne asada, beef barbacoa, or vegetables de la cruz)…

Mex Out Mexican taco food in Singapore.

…and finally you choose fresh salsas (pico de gallo, mango pineapple, fire roasted salsa, salsa verde, or salsa picante).

Of the three Mex Out restaurants, BARRIO by Mex Out is a Fresh-Mex tacqueria, build in “Barrio” (meaning “neighborhood” in Spanish) style and offering a diverse range of Mexican soul food.

Mex Out Mexican Restaurant Locations in Singapore (UPDATE 2019: ALL THE OUTLETS HAVE CLOSED)

Mex Out Far East Square
39 Pekin Street, Far East Square
Singapore 048769

Mex Out Marina Bay Link Mall
8, 12 Marina Blvd, Tower 3, #02-05, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018983

BARRIO by Mex Out 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road, Level 1, #01-14/15, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895

The official Facebook page for Mex Out Mexican restaurants is located at

By keeping an eye on the restaurant’s Facebook page, you’ll learn more about the menu items and Mexican food in general.