Milkissimo Caffe Ice Cream Shop in Singapore (CLOSED)

Ice cream shop Milkissimo operates within NEX shopping center, at 23 Serangoon Central in Singapore. (UPDATE 2020: THE SHOP IS CLOSED)

Milkissimo serves gelato, Italian-style ice cream, made out of the best ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan.

Milkissimo Caffe ice cream & gelato shop at nex mall in Singapore.

A connection between Hokkaido and Italy’s Rome is that they are both located on 41 degrees north latitude, with one (Italy) being the gelato source region and another (Hokkaido) home to the most basic of ingredients in gelato, milk.

The nutritious Hokkaido gelato is all natural, low in fat, low in sugar, and super-delicious. Also, the shop doesn’t use any artificial coloring.

Japan’s Hokkaido is famous for its dairy products due to its cool climate, fresh air, and rich grass, which makes the cows grow healthily and naturally, resulting in gelato milk that is strong and smooth.

Some of the popular gelato flavors (some are seasonal) at the Milkissimo shop include Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, White Peach, Hokkaido Strawberry Sorbet, Tiramisu…

Milkissimo Caffe Hokkaido gelato in Singapore.

…Fresh Corn, Green Tea Milk, Yogurt, Vanilla, Black Sesame Milk, Apple Pie, Pumpkin, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Darjeeling, Creme Brulee, Chestnut Milk, Northern Hascup, Milk, and Cream Cheese.

Milkissimo Caffe (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET IS CLOSED)
23 Serangoon Central, #02-13A, nex mall
Singapore 556083

Milkissomo Caffe’s official Facebook page is located at

The Facebook page is often the first place to learn about new and seasonal flavors at the ice cream shop.