Mimeo The Optical Shop in Singapore – Marina Square

You can discover Mimeo The Optical Shop in Singapore from within Marina Square, at 6 Raffles Boulevard.

Visiting the store, you’ll get to choose from a range of trendy and high quality optical frames and prescription lenses.

Among the core principles in the way the company operates is a low-cost business model, and being able to offer customer high quality and value-for-money products and optical services.

Mimeo The Optical Shop in Singapore - Marina Square.

In addition to the products and services being affordably priced, the selection of eyewear has been selected to provide a match for many unique lifestyles and fashion acumen – just like you would be selection fashionable clothing.

Essilor Lenses in Singapore.

For eyewear frames, some of the popular brands at the outlet include Trendy + Fun, K.I.S.S Titanium, Safari Eyewear, plus Outdo Sports Eyewear.

Among the prescription lens brands that you can find at the optical shop are Nikon Lenswear, Varilux, Essilor, Crizal, Kodak Lens, Hoya, as well as Shamir.

Mimeo The Optical Shop – Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-338, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 11:30am-5pm, Wednesday-Thursday 11:30am-7pm, Friday 11:30-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-7pm

The official Facebook brand page Mimeo The Optical Shop in Singapore is available at facebook.com/mimeooptical/.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to new eyewear at the store, promotional offers, in-shop events, and more.