Mini Melts Ice Cream Shop in Singapore (CLOSED)

American ice cream chain Mini Melts has one location in Singapore, operating within VivoCity shopping centre (1 Harbourfront Walk). (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

Mini Melts offers a unique, molecular ice cream experience with colorful “popcorn ice cream” grains, extraordinary texture, and wonderful flavors.

Mini Melts ice cream shop at VivoCity shopping mall in Singapore.

The Mini Melts ice cream concept is built around the idea that cryogenically frozen ice cream (using extremely cold temperatures to freeze ice cream) is an excellent way to lock in the flavor of the ice cream in a truly unique way.

Normal ice cream must have air whipped into it to enable it to be scooped, but Mini Melts has no air whipped into it thanks to the freezing method and the granular structure of the products, resulting in the most natural, delicious flavors.

Mini Melts ice cream.

The unique and superior flavor of Mini Melts ice cream is further enhanced by the storing and serving of the product at the extremely low temperature of -40°C, which creates an outstanding cold sensation while the ice cream melts in your mouth…thus the name “Mini Melts”.

Also, the exciting, popcorn-like shapes of the ice cream are mouth-wateringly irresistible.

The Mini Melts sold in Singapore are imported directly from the company’s factory in Korea, and made using an ultra premium base mix and only the purest flavors and colors, with ingredients sourced from around the globe.

Mini Melts VivoCity (UPDATE 2020: THE SHOP HAS CLOSED)
1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-K7, VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

The official Facebook page for Mini Melts Singapore is located at

Their Facebook page is a good source of information about the available products and news related to the outlet in VivoCity.