Miso Salmon – Japanese Udon Restaurant in Singapore (CLOSED)

Miso Salmon, a good Japanese udon restaurant in Singapore, operates within Tanjong Pagar area, at 60 Peck Seah Street. (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

Open to customers since March 2021, the outlet is an affordable Japanese casual dining restaurant that specialises in Inaniwa udon, incorporating miso into the comfort food dishes for exclusive flavours.

For the dishes, the Inaniwa udon noodles are made in the Inaniwa area of Inakawa machi, Akita prefecture of Japan, featuring hand-stretched, cream colored noodles of slightly thinner texture than in regular udon.

Miso Salmon - Japanese Udon Restaurant in Singapore.

Visiting the place, you can opt for the ‘build your own bowl’, where there are four steps.

First, you choose the noodles, either the original Inaniwa noodles or Shirataki noodles (made from glucomannan, a type of fiber that comes from the root of the konjac plant) that contain less calories.

Next, you choose the miso soup type, a range that has Original Shiro, Spicy, Truffle, Garlic, Sesame, and Fish Collagen.

Then, you get to pick the main toppings from a selection that features salmon, tiger prawns, Japanese boiled scallops, Asari clams, mussels, and crayfish meat.

Finally, to further personalise your DIY udon bowl at the Japanese restaurant, you can choose from add-ons – inari beancurd skin, boiled egg, tofu, bamboo shoot, Japanese fish cake, Wakame seaweed, Shimeji mushroom, black fungus, broccoli, cherry tomato, sweet corn, and spring onion.

Udon Restaurant in Singapore - Miso Salmon.

Alternatively, you can select your meal from one of the specialty udon bowls: Original Bowl, Spicy Bowl, Sesame Bowl, Garlic Bowl, Veggie Bowl, and Kids Bowl.

Miso Salmon – Japanese Udon Restaurant in Singapore (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)
60 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079323
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

As a top Japanese udon restaurant in Singapore, Miso Salmon keeps in touch with their customers using social media channels, like Instagram at instagram.com/misosalmon/.

Following the social media profiles, you’ll receive updates related to the outlet’s menu items, promotions, media coverage, and more.