Modern Fencing Academy – Fencing Classes Singapore (CLOSED)

For fencing classes Singapore, one of the best choices is Modern Fencing Academy, which also operates a fencing equipment store. (UPDATE 2022: THE ACADEMY HAS CLOSED)

The club, which was founded by coach Alexey Karpov in 2007, famous for coaching national athletes in Russia & Singapore, offers modern fencing programs for young children.

As a leading international fencing club, the place provides sporting opportunities for young children in Singapore, encouraging them and developing them into world-class athletes.

Modern Fencing Academy - Fencing Schools in Singapore.

The available programs include Kids Programs, Epee Programs, Saber Programs, Foil Programs, as well as Online Classes.

The earliest age kids can join the program is for Fencing Fun, which is for children ages 6-7 (one practice session per week, 12 month program, with monthly enrollment).

At the training centre, you can also purchase all the necessary fencing equipment for your child to start fencing.

Basic essentials consist of mask, glove, suit – jacket and pants, as well as weapon and bodywire, meeting all the safety requirements (350N and C.E. certified gear+800N for under-plastron).

Modern Fencing Academy - Fencing Classes in Singapore - Marina Square.

The training club has also a weapon repair service, where you they repair and service all types of fencing weapons and equipment. You can even have a custom weapon built to your specifications.

Modern Fencing Academy – Fencing Classes Singapore (UPDATE 2022: THE ACADEMY HAS CLOSED)

Bukit Timah
131 Rifle Range Road, #02-03
Singapore 588406

Marina Square
6 Raffles Blvd, #02-36, Marina Square
Singapore 039594

As a popular provider for fencing classes Singapore, the club keeps in touch with their customers via several social media channels, like Facebook at

You can also follow their official Instagram account at for updates related to upcoming fencing courses, tournaments, other events, and more.