Mohan’s Custom Tailors – Tailor Made Suits in Singapore

Mohan’s Custom Tailors, a good choice for tailor made suits in Singapore, operates within Far East Plaza mall, at 14 Scotts Road.

Established by Max Mohan in 1971, the company is one of the oldest, most reputable & most experienced custom tailors in Singapore that specialises in both ladies and gents tailoring.

Known for quality workmanship and fast deliveries for their formal wear and casual wear, the outlet is frequented by, for example, foreign embassies, expatriates, and locals.

Mohan's Custom Tailors - Tailor Made Suits in Singapore - Far East Plaza.

For gentlemen, the custom-made clothing options at the tailor shop include single breasted men’s suits, double breasted men’s suits, shirts, tuxedos, as well as overcoats. Ladies, meanwhile, can choose tailor-made pant suits, dresses, overcoats, and blouses.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors Far East Plaza – Tailor Made Suits in Singapore
14 Scotts Road, #02-73, Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm

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Following the Facebook channel, you’ll learn more about the company, recent bespoke clothing made for the customers, behind the scenes information, and more.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors Brand Story

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Mohan’s Custom Tailors stands as a testament to the artistry of bespoke tailoring, marrying tradition with timeless elegance. Established as one of the oldest tailors in the city-state, Mohan’s has carved a niche for itself as a paragon of authenticity in the realm of custom-made clothing.

A Legacy Recognized: The Best of Singapore Excellent Services 2007

With a legacy that spans generations, Mohan’s Custom Tailors is not merely a tailor shop; it’s a custodian of sartorial excellence. The Singapore Tourism Board bestowed upon them the honor of being listed in “The Best of Singapore Excellent Services 2007,” a recognition that underscores their commitment to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship.

True Bespoke Tailoring: Unleashing Creativity with Personalized Precision

At Mohan’s, the ethos of true bespoke tailoring lies in giving clients complete control over every facet of their garment. From fabric selection to the cut, color, style, and even the lining, patrons enjoy a rare opportunity to unleash their creativity and shape a garment that is an extension of their individuality.

Precision Measuring: Where Every Inch Matters

The hallmark of Mohan’s bespoke tailoring is the meticulous measuring process. More than 20 measurements and body details are taken from each client, forming the foundation for a personal pattern that is hand-drawn and cut from scratch. This bespoke approach ensures a fit that is as unique as the individual.

The Bespoke Advantage: From Pattern to Final Stitch

Once the pattern is in place, a dedicated tailor takes charge, meticulously cutting, trimming, and sewing the garment from the earliest fitting stages to the final, complete suit. Each suit is a masterpiece, entirely handmade, down to the minutest details such as buttonholes.

Personal Involvement: Your Garment, Your Style

Mohan’s Custom Tailors places the power of creation in the hands of the client. From fabric selection to the cut, color, and style, the client is intimately involved in the creative process, ensuring that the final garment is a true reflection of their taste and style.

Crafting the Perfect Suit: A Journey with Mohan’s

For those new to the world of custom-tailored clothing, Mohan’s tailors understand the uncertainties. Guiding clients through the process, the experienced team at Mohan’s ensures that every step, from the initial conversation to the final fitting, is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Getting to Know You: A Conversation that Matters

The journey begins with a conversation, where the tailors aim to understand the client as a person. This includes grasping the individual’s needs, the occasions for wearing the suit, and the preferred style, setting the stage for a truly personalized experience.

Cutting and Fitting: Precision in Every Stitch

A unique pattern is meticulously crafted for each client, tailored to their body type and style. Fittings involve trying on a mocked-up suit, allowing the tailors to refine each detail until the fit is nothing short of perfection.

Material Selection: A Palette of Possibilities

Mohan’s boasts an extensive selection of over 1,000 different materials sourced from the finest fabric houses in England and Italy. From wool and cashmere to silk and linen, clients have the privilege of choosing from a palette of premium materials.

Sewing Mastery: Handcrafted Excellence

The commitment to excellence extends to the sewing process, where over 80% of each suit is meticulously sewn by hand. Skilled craftsmen shape lapels to perfection, ensuring that every garment leaving Mohan’s is a testament to the art of tailoring.

Taking Measurements: A Personalized Fit, Every Time

To guarantee a flawless fit, measurements are taken in twenty different areas, ensuring that each garment is tailored uniquely for the individual. At Mohan’s, there’s no compromise – it’s one size only, and that’s yours.

Ready to Wear: Timely Excellence

Mohan’s understands the value of time. A typical suit can be picked up within seven days of the fitting. For those in a rush, a 24-hour turnaround is available at no extra cost, without compromising on quality. Worldwide delivery through trusted services like DHL or FedEx ensures that Mohan’s craftsmanship reaches clients across the globe.

In the hallowed halls of Mohan’s Custom Tailors, tradition meets innovation, and the result is not just a suit but a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of bespoke craftsmanship.