My Art Space – Art Lessons for Beginners in Singapore

Art school & club My Art Space, a good choice for art lessons for beginners in Singapore, is located within Istana Park, at 31 Orchard Road.

Situated at Istana Park & the heart of the city (just a 5 minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT), the place is one of the leading art clubs for people from all walks of life.

The art school, which has been build upon the foundation that art enriches our life, tries to redefine art and lifestyles, creating a holistic experience for you to learn, enjoy and appreciate art.

My Art Space - Art Lessons for Beginners in Singapore.

Services at the art education center include, for example, tutored workshops (art workshops for lifelong art learning), art jams (for networking and fun), art exhibitions (for showcasing your art, appreciating & understanding art), creativity development workshops, and community art projects (art for good causes).

My Art Space Istana Park – Art Lessons for Beginners in Singapore
31 Orchard Road, Istana Park
Singapore 238888
Opening Hours: Monday 10am-8pm, Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Official Facebook page for My Art Space and their art lessons for beginners in Singapore is available at

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll stay up to date on the center’s upcoming classes, workshops, art events, and more.

Redefining Art and Lifestyle: My Art Space

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant cityscape, My Art Space is more than just a studio; it’s a haven for art enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Founded in 2005, the company has established itself as Singapore’s leading art club, offering a comprehensive range of programs and activities that cater to diverse interests and skill levels.

A Sanctuary for Creative Expression

Step into the Istana Park Studio, a tranquil oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Surrounded by lush greenery and a serene ambiance, the place provides the perfect setting to unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the world of art.

A Diverse Palette of Art Programs

The carefully curated art programs cater to every artistic inclination, from beginner-friendly workshops to advanced classes that delve into intricate techniques and styles. Whether you’re seeking to learn the fundamentals of art or explore more specialized mediums, the art school has something for you.

Tutored Workshops: Personalized Guidance for Your Artistic Journey

My Art Space has experienced and passionate tutors that will guide you through each step of your artistic journey, providing personalized feedback and support to help you develop your unique style. With flexible scheduling options, you can tailor your learning experience to fit your busy lifestyle.

Online Art Workshops: Connect with Art from the Comfort of Home

Join the live streaming art workshops or dive into the online art programs from the comfort of your own home. The virtual platform offers a convenient and engaging way to connect with art and fellow enthusiasts from around the globe.

Free & Easy Art Jam: Unleash Your Creativity in a Fun and Immersive Setting

Let loose and express your creativity in Free & Easy Art Jam sessions. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal expression or a group looking to bond over art, the friendly and supportive environment encourages creativity and camaraderie.

Corporate Team Bonding: Inspire Your Team Through the Power of Art

The corporate team-building packages provide a unique and engaging way to foster collaboration and strengthen bonds among colleagues. Through art-based activities, My Art Space helps teams discover new perspectives and enhance communication skills.

Art Adventures: Embark on Artistic Explorations Together

Venture beyond the studio and embark on art-inspired adventures with the Art Adventures program. The art school organizes regular field trips to various locations, providing opportunities to explore art in its natural settings and expand your artistic horizons.

Art Exhibitions: Showcase Your Talents and Gain Inspiration

Art Exhibitions by the art school offer a platform to showcase your artistic creations, allowing you to share your work with fellow art enthusiasts and the wider community. Immerse yourself in the diverse array of artworks on display, drawing inspiration from various styles and techniques.

Community Art Projects: Give Back to the Community through Art

Join My Art Space in beautifying Singapore and giving back to the community through Community Art Projects. The school collaborates with various organizations and events, using art as a tool to promote social cohesion and environmental awareness.

Charity Gallery: Affordable Artwork for a Cause

The Charity Gallery features a selection of artwork donated by talented artists. Proceeds from these sales go directly to charitable organizations, allowing art to serve as a vehicle for social good.

Creativity Development Workshops: Unlock Your Creative Potential

The Creativity Development Workshops are designed to foster self-discovery and unleash your inner creativity. Through reflective exercises, guided creative prompts, and hands-on activities, the school helps you tap into your imagination and unlock new artistic possibilities.

A Total Life.Art.Style Experience

My Art Space is more than just a place to learn art; it’s a lifestyle destination that enriches your life with creativity, community, and personal growth. They believe that art has the power to inspire, transform, and connect us all.