Naked Finn – Seafood Restaurant in Singapore

Naked Finn, a great seafood restaurant in Singapore, is located within Gillman Barracks, at Block 39 Malan Road.

The restaurant, founded by Ken Loon in November 2012, has an affordably priced menu that relies on top quality ingredients and natural subtle flavours.

In fact, in the name of the place, “Naked” is a reference to the underlying philosophy of unadulterated simplicity – while “Finn” refers to the name of the lead from the 1998 movie version of ‘Great Expectations’, where a sketchbook (by artist Francesco Clemente) of sea life drawings are part of the story.

Naked Finn - Seafood Restaurant in Singapore.

Authenticity and consistency underlies everything the restaurant does, which is why the menu lists the official FAO and scientific names of the species used in the dishes.

Striped Red Shrimp (Aristeus varidens) - Seafood Restaurant in Singapore.

Striped Red Shrimp (Aristeus varidens).

Highlights in the restaurant dinner menu include, for example, Wild-caught Green Tiger Prawn (grilled on sea salt over cast iron griddle), Wild-caught Common Octopus (sous-vide in kombu & grilled on cast iron griddle), as well as Marble goby “soon hock” (deep-fried, Cantonese-style sauce with deep-fried julienned ginger).

Naked Finn – Seafood Restaurant in Singapore
Block 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109442
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

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