Necessary Provisions Cafe in Singapore

Necessary Provisions Cafe in Singapore operates within Tanglin Place’s SmartFit Pilates Studio, at 91 Tanglin Road.

With a history going back to 2012 and in the current space since November 2020, you can visit the cafe for great coffees, fine teas, natural wines, fresh food, and quality local craft beers.

The 22 seater (12 indoors and 10 al fresco) cafe has an exciting food & drinks menu where the highlights include, for example, French Toast (charred banana, tamagoyaki, maple butter), Croque Kinoko (grilled shiitake, gruyere), Cookies…

Necessary Provisions Cafe in Singapore - Cookies.

…Quinoa Ulam (shallot, chilli, herbs, lettuce, lime juice), Banana Bread, Hot Chocolate (fossa chocolate, Reboboth Estate 70%, Philippines), Iced Americano Coffee, as well as one of the local craft beers (made by Alive Brewing, Sunbird Brewing, Off Day Beer, Brewlander).

Necessary Provisions Cafe in Singapore.

In terms of ambience, the cafe has bright, light & earthy interiors that reflect the emphasis on healthy vegetarian options on the menu and the active lifestyle of the adjoining pilates studio.

Necessary Provisions Cafe in Singapore – Tanglin Place
91 Tanglin Road, #01-01, Tanglin Place (SmartFit Pilates Studio)
Singapore 247918
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm

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