Neon Pigeon Japanese Restaurant & Bar in Singapore

Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant & bar Neon Pigeon is located within Singapore’s Outram area & Chinatown district, at 1 Keong Saik Road.

Established in March 2015, Neon Pigeon is an urban izakaya restaurant featuring progressive Japanese cuisine menu.

The name Neon Pigeon is a tribute to two main influences, the magnificent “Neon City” (Tokyo’s popular nickname) and the mighty pigeon (bird seen in all urban cities).

As an urban and modern Izakaya, the restaurant-bar embodies the culture of urban living combined with underground vibes, also being one of the hottest night time sports for a bite to eat along with great cocktails.

Visitin the place, you’ll get to experience a unique dining menu that is contemporary, yet authentic in the ways it incorporates everything from freshest catches to a curated selection of Japanese sakes.

For cocktails and drinks, the menu has a selection of Japanese spirits and handcrafted cocktails with many popular choices, such as a cocktail infused with Wasabi.

Highlights on the food menu include Beef Tataki (sesame dressing, pickled enoki mushroom, garlic chips), Duck Tonkatsu (ponzu, puffed soybeans, pickled cucumber), and Fried Octopus (marinated spinach, pea crème, nori, yakiniku sauce).

On the drinks menu, meanwhile, some of the top choices are Geisha (kombu & shiitake, infused sake, umeshu, apricot brandy, sherry, passion fruit), Ciao Cello (citrus cello, calamansi, sparkling coconut lychee, grapefruit bitters), as well as Wasabi Drop (vodka, granola infused sake, lime sorbet, wasabi).

Neon Pigeon Japanese restaurant & bar in Singapore.

Neon Pigeon
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-03
Singapore 089109
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6pm-12midnight

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