Oasis Wet Cleaning – Coin Laundry in Singapore

Oasis Wet Cleaning dry cleaning service and coin laundry in Singapore operates within Anchorport shopping centre, at 370 Alexandra Rd.

For their services, the company uses environmentally friendly, 100% toxin free wet cleaning process that will gently clean and rejuvenate the clothes with a soft and natural feel.

As a laundry service, wet cleaning is a healthier and a more sustainable green alternative to traditional dry cleaning, providing results without adverse health effects or negative environmental impact.

Overall, wet cleaning is a process of using water, formulated biodegradable detergent, and specialized equipment to clean ‘dry clean only’ garments. The standard turnaround time for wet cleaning laundry service is 4 days.

Service range at the outlet includes professional wet cleaning, drop-off service, as well as coin laundry.

Oasis Wet Cleaning laundry service in Singapore.

The coin laundry is a do-it-yourself service with their state-of-the-art high efficiency washers and dryers. You can choose from various sizes of washers with different washing programs for selection, plus detergent and softener are free with automatic dispensing system.

There is a coin changer conveniently located on site, should you require any change.

While the company provides a great place for do-it-yourself coin laundry, they can help if you need them to do the laundry for you, including an optional drop-off laundry service with next-day collection (same day service is possible if the load is delivered before 12noon).

When you bring in your clothes, they are weighed and the company charges by kilogram (with a minimum of 4kg). Each order is processed & washed separately from others customers’ orders.

There is also an optional 24-Hour Express Pressing Service that you can take advantage of for extra fees.

Oasis Wet Cleaning Anchorpoint – Coin Laundry in Singapore
370 Alexandra Road, #B1-43, Anchorpoint
Singapore 159953
Opening Hours: (Counter Collection – Wet Cleaning & Drop-off Service): Monday-Sunday 10:30am-8pm
Opening Hours (Coin Laundry): Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm

To learn more about the Oasis Wet Cleaning company and their services, including coin laundry in Singapore, the best place to do so is the official website.

At the official website, you can find, for example, the price list for the laundry services.