Odette French Restaurant in Singapore

Odette French restaurant is located within National Gallery Singapore, at 1 St Andrew’s Road.

Created by Chef Julien Royer in 2015, Odette is a French fine dining destination that was voted voted No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 (an award organized by William Reed Business Media) and has two Michelin stars.

Housed in National Gallery Singapore, Odette, a name inspired by the owner’s grandmother Odette, has a modern French fine dining menu that is open to different influences, reflecting the openness of Singapore.

Every ingredient has its place and purpose on the dishes, and are treated with the utmost care to highlight the purest flavours and with respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce.

Visiting Odette, you’ll also have pleasure in discovering exquisite wines, paired with exceptional food and easily shared among friends.

Interiors of the restaurant are by Universal Design Studio, reflecting an approach of keeping the integrity of ingredients with a soft color palette and décor that is comfortably elegant, yet respecting throughout the historic and iconic National Gallery location.

A key feature you’ll remember long after is the glass-enclosed kitchen, where guests have the opportunity to see masterful chefs at work, reflecting the openness and honesty of Odette as central themes to the entire dining experience.

Odette French restaurant in Singapore.

Odette Restaurant
1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04, National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957
Opening Hours: Monday 7pm-8:15pm (Dinner), Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-1:15pm (Lunch), 7pm-8:15pm (Dinner)

Official Facebook brand page for Odette restaurant is available at www.facebook.com/odetterestaurant/.

You can also follow the restaurant’s official Instagram account at www.instagram.com/odetterestaurant/.