OFUN – Ufo Catchers in Singapore

Gaming arcade OFUN, a popular spot for playing claw machines / ufo catchers in Singapore, is located within Aperia Mall, at 12 Kallang Avenue.

Open to customers since December 2018 and owned by Carnival Empire, the outlet is an entertaining gaming arcade for the whole family.

OFUN Aperia - Ufo Catchers in Singapore.

The game arcade has, for example, various types of ufo catcher / claw / toy catcher machines, where the prizes are typically stuffed toy animals & cuddly toys or similar items, as well as arcade games.

Ufo Catchers in Singapore - OFUN soft toy prizes from claw machines.

OFUN Aperia – Ufo Catchers in Singapore
12 Kallang Avenue, #01-08, Aperia
Singapore 339509
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday 6am-12midnight, Sunday 24 Hours

To learn more about OFUN Game Arcade and their range of ufo catchers in Singapore, you can follow the official social media channels, including Instagram at instagram.com/ofun_kiko/.

Following the Instagram page, you’ll receive updates about the game arcade’s events and promotions, plus much more.