Oishii Bakery – 2 Japanese Bakeries in Singapore

There are two Oishii Bakery Japanese bakeries in Singapore to choose from, including one outlet within West Coast Plaza (154 West Coast Road).

Visiting either of the locations, you can buy from wide range of Japanese-inspired delicious pastries, cakes, and confectioneries.

Oishii Bakery - Japanese Bakeries in Singapore - West Coast Plaza.

West Coast Plaza.

Main categories of products include cookies, tarts, scones, tuiles, Swiss rolls, cream puffs, eclairs, cakes (whole cakes & slices), breads, and buns.

Among the bakery menu highlights are Flower Pineapple Tarts, Japanese Light Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie Cake, Coffee Swiss Rolls, Parmesan Garlic Rolls, M&M Cookies, Custard Cream Puffs, as well as Double Cheese Bread.

Oishii Bakery Beauty World Centre - Japanese Bakeries in Singapore.

Beauty World Centre.

You can also order custom-made cakes for your event from the bakery, including birthday cakes and cakes for other major milestones & celebrations.

Oishii Bakery Locations & Opening Hours – Japanese Bakeries in Singapore

Beauty World Centre
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-02, Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-8:30pm

West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road, #B1-21, West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-10pm

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Following the Facebook channel, you’ll get updates about the latest bakery creations on the shelves, promotions & deals, events at the outlets, and more.