Original Hock Lam St. Beef Kway Teow Restaurant in Singapore (CLOSED)

Original Hock Lam St. Beef Kway Teow restaurant operates within Singapore’s Alexandra Retail Centre, at 460 Alexandra Road. (UPDATE 2021: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

Established in 1911 by the Tan family, the restaurant is best known for their signature bowl of the original Teochew beef kway teow.

Hock Lam Beef restaurant in Singapore.

This signature beef noodles dish features a labour intensive, homemade 24-hour boiled gourmet soup with herb base, a homemade gourmet chilli sauce with 13 ingredients, as well as hand sliced beef cuts (not machine cut) for maximum tenderness and flavour.

Hock Lam Beef Alexandra Retail Centre (UPDATE 2021: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)
460 Alexandra Rd, #02-24, Alexandra Retail Centre
Singapore 119963

The official Hock Lam Beef Facebook page is available at www.facebook.com/OriginalHockLamBeef/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll learn details about the restaurant’s heritage, their menu items, events, plus much more.