Overjoyed – Arts and Crafts Shop in Singapore

Overjoyed, a popular arts and crafts shop in Singapore, is located within The Cathay shopping mall, at 2 Handy Road.

The store is a one-stop shop for all things arts & crafts, providing supplies to a local community of creatives – from artists to writers, sculptors, illustrators, doodlers, makers, collaborators, and calligraphers to dreamers.

Main categories of products at the store are Fine Art, Creative Leisure, Illustration, Design, Stationery, and Lifestyle. Each product category aims to meet the creative needs of the individual customers.

Overjoyed arts & crafts.

For stationery, the range is curated to bring design into your workplace.

Lifestyle section, meanwhile, also called personal stationery, features every other stuff you carry with you, things that tell a lot about who you are and what you believe in.

The section for design offers a wide range of “raw” stuff. It is made up of mostly unfinished products, waiting for you to finish them.

Food journaling.

Illustration section has carbons, chalks, charcoals, graphites, markers, pastels, pens and pencils.

Creative leisure products allow you to explore skills which you never thought you had: take up stained glass, graffiti, or even marbling. All you need to start is free time and some space for creativity.

Finally, items for fine art at the arts & crafts shop allow you to enjoy the whole spectrum of colours. The products are not just for artists – they are for people who enjoy the finer things in life.

Overjoyed The Cathay – Arts and Crafts Shop in Singapore
2 Handy Road, #B1-11, The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm

To learn more about Overjoyed arts & crafts shop in Singapore, you can follow their official social media channels, such as Facebook page at at facebook.com/overjoyedxyz/.

Arts & Crafts Categories at the Overjoyed Shop

Fine Art

Acrylic: Ink, Gesso, Paint, Medium, Varnish.

Oil: Paint, Medium, Varnish.

Calligraphy: Ink, Nib, Holder & Set.

Watercolor: Ink, Paint, Medium.

Gouache: Paint, Varnish.

Printmaking: Medium, Ink, Tool

Brush: Kolinsky, Hog Bristle, Synthetic, Mixed.

Canvas: Black & Linen, Cotton, Cotton 3D, Boards, Pads & Rolls.

Paper: Oil, Acrylic, Calligraphy, Mix Media, Watercolor.

Tool: Cleaning, Storage, Spatula, Palette.

Creative Leisure

Ceramic: Marker, Mosaic, Paint.

Metal: Engraving, Gilding, Embossing.

Fabric: Marker, Paint, Knitting, Sewing.

Glass: Paint, Marker, Tool.

Graffiti: Tool, Spray.

Papercraft: Origami, Craft Punch, Marbling, Bookbinding, Quilling.

Woodcraft: Deco Paint, Wood Surface, Pyrography, Carving.

Kid’s Craft

Painting: Paint, Tool, Paper.

Decoupage: Mask, Paper, Glitter & Glue, Alphabet, Animal.

Body Art: Tool, Paint, Crayon.

Clay: Modelling, Tool, Firing, Non-Firing.

Drawing: Crayon, Pencil, Marker.

Material: Felt, Pom Pom, Craft Foam, Wiggle Eye, Feather, Pipe Cleaner, Wood.

Craft Paper: Tissue, Cellophane, Decorative, Corrugated, Color, Crepe.


Dry Media: Watercolor, Charcoal, Graphite, Pastel, Color.

Pencil: Lead, Wooden, Automatic, Clutch.

Marker: Color, Comic, Paint.

Pen: Brush, Calligraphy, Drawing.

Paper: Bristol, Drawing, Dry Media, Marker, Newsprint, Tracing, Journal.

Tool: Ruler, Template, Blending, Eraser, Compass, Fixative, Sharpener.


Cast & Mould: Cement, Mould, Plaster, Resin.

Metal: Copper, Iron, Aluminium.

Landscape: Scale Figure, Foliage.

Plastic: Acrylic, Shrink Film, Foam, Industrial.

Wood: Industrial, Cork, Balsa, Basswood.

Tool: Hand Tool, Machine, Finish, Hardware.

Overjoyed – Stationery

Adhesive: Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Craft Glue, Tack & Spray.

Pen: Multi Pen, Highlighter, Marker, Ball Pen, Roller Pen.

Tape: Mounting, Masking, Decorative, Glue Tape, Packaging.

Cutter: Circle Cutter, Craft Knife, Cutting Mat, Scissors, Art Knife, Pen Knife.

Desktop: Paper Punch, Stapler, Fastener, Label, Correction.

Equipment: Light Box, Trimmer, Laminating, Binding, Printing.

Presentation: Board, File, Easel, Portfolio.


Correspondence: Stamping, Wax Seal, Card, Embossing.

Fine Writing: Ball Pen, Fountain Pen, Roller Pen, Pencil, Ink.

Home: Deco, Artwork, Picture Frame.

Journal: Sticker, Notebook, Notepad, Travel.

Travel: Bag, Laptop, Pen Case.

Gift: For Kids, For Her, Washi Tape, Wrapping.

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