Owl Gym – 24 Hour Boutique Gym in Singapore

Owl Gym, a popular 24 hour boutique gym in Singapore, operates within Nordcom II, at 2 Gambas Crescent.

A fitness centre made for gymholics, the place is fully equipped to give you the best workout experience, including free weights, weight machines, treadmills & stationery cycles, as well group exercise classes (HIIT Workout).

One of the benefits of the gym is their flexible membership plans range, where you can opt to use the place irregularly with walk-in rates, or go for the full 6-month or 12-month membership, where the membership provides access to the fitness centre facilities 24/7.

Owl Gym - 24 Hour Boutique Gym in Singapore.

Additionally, the gym has a team of highly skilled personal trainers, who can assist you to make your workouts effective, moving you towards your fitness goals faster and more motivated than if you’d go about it alone.

At the gym, for the workouts, using the gym ball will engage all core muscles to maintain form and function. You can add resistance to the workouts with free weights.

24 Hour Boutique Gym in Singapore - Owl Gym.

With bench press, meanwhile, you’ll be exercising the pectoralis major and supporting upper body muscles, which engage to powerlift the barbell. To avoid injury, assume a position with your body weight resting on your buttocks and upper traps.

Finally, using the treadmills and stationary cycles, the workout engages leg muscles and raise your heart rate, also training your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. This burns calories and can help you lose weight.

Owl Gym – 24 Hour Boutique Gym in Singapore
2 Gambas Crescent, #01-22, Nordcom 2
Singapore 757044
Opening Hours (Member): Monday-Sunday 24 Hours
Opening Hours (Walk-In): Monday-Friday 12noon-8pm

As a good 24 hour boutique gym in Singapore, Owl Gym keeps in touch with their customers using social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/owlgym24hrs/.

You can also follow their official Instagram page at instagram.com/owlgym24hrs/ for updates related to promotions, events at the fitness centre, and more.