Paintballers World Pro Shop – Paintball Shop in Singapore

Paintballers World Pro Shop, a popular paintball shop in Singapore, is located within One Commonwealth Building (1 Commonwealth Lane).

A concept created by Extreme Sports LLP in 2009, the store offers a wide range of paintball sports gear and attire.

Main categories of products at the shop include goggles/masks, goggle accessories, headwear, jerseys, pants, loaders & accessories…

Paintballers World Pro Shop - Paintball Shop in Singapore.

…paintball markers accessories, air systems & accessories, harnesses/packs, pads and protection, bags and packs, cleats, as well as tactical gear.

Paintball Shop in Singapore - Paintballers World Pro Shop.

Among the brands at the outlet are, for example, DYE, Anthrax, Armotech, Base, BNKR Kings, Carbon, Empire, Exalt, Freeline, Full Clip USA, FXairguns, G-Star, Gen X, GI Sports, Grind Up, HK Army, HSTL, Ninja Standard, Planet Eclipse, Push Paintball, TNKD, Tippman, Valken, VForce, and Virtue.

Beyond the painball sports pro shop, the company’s services cover being a paintball events promoter, operating paintball fields, providing paintball consultancy services, paintball tournament management, paintball coaching & clinics, plus regional wholesale distribution (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Australia, India, Sri Lanka).

Paintballers World Pro Shop – Paintball Shop in Singapore
1 Commonwealth Lane, #03-03, One Commonwealth Building
Singapore 149544
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

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