PaPa Cafe in Singapore – Buangkok Square Mall

You can find PaPa Cafe in Singapore from within the popular Buangkok Square Mall, at 991 Buangkok Link.

The outlet serves a delicious range of Indian foods and locally popular styles of coffee & tea.

Visiting the caferestaurant, you can choose your delight from a wide variety of choices from Nasi Briyani and Coin Prata with Sugar to Kopi O and Teh Tarik.

PaPa Cafe in Singapore - Buangkok Square Mall.

Among the many menu highlights are, for example, Double Egg Dosai, Seafood Nasi Goreng, Mutton Rice Set, Coin Prata with Chicken, Chicken Murtabak, as well as Egg Onion & Cheese Roti Prata.

PaPa Cafe in Singapore – Buangkok Square Mall
991 Buangkok Link, #02-10, Buangkok Square Mall
Singapore 537984
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-8pm

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