Paradiddle Gelato Ice Cream Shop in Singapore

Paradiddle Gelato & Cakes, a good gelato ice cream shop in Singapore, is located within Kinex shopping centre (11 Tanjong Katong Road).

Created by the founder of Drum Tutor music school, Er Chow Kiat, and open to customers since December 2020, the place is a unique, musically-inspired gelateria.

The musical theme carries throughout the gelateria, including their name, which comes from one of the fundamental patterns of drumming – ‘paradiddle’ – that combines single strokes with precisely placed double strokes.

Gelato Ice Cream in Singapore - Paradiddle Gelato.

Visiting the shop, you can choose from a range of 12 exquisite gelato flavours, all of that are handcrafted, thoughtfully created, and provide genuine moments of ice cream happiness.

Paradiddle Gelato Kinex - Gelato Ice Cream Shop in Singapore.

Names of the ice cream flavours are inspired by drum rudiments (like “Six Beat Roll” and “Swiss Army Triplet“), and customers can eat the gelato using delicious biscuit drum sticks.

Paradiddle Gelato & Cakes Kinex – Gelato Ice Cream Shop in Singapore
11 Tanjong Katong Road, #B1-11, Kinex
Singapore 437157
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-9:30pm, Friday 1pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm

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