Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse in Singapore

Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse in Singapore operates within Bedok district, at 402 East Coast Road.

Open to customers since 2012, the popular cafe is inspired by the artisan coffee culture in London, UK.

To provide unique high quality culinary experiences to their customers, the cafe sources their specialty beans from local roasters and serves artisanal cakes & breads freshly baked in the area by local bakers.

Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse in Singapore.

Open daily for for breakfast, brunch and dinner, the outlet is a wonderful destination to chill and enjoy a superb cup of coffee with a slice of cake on the East Coast.

Highlights on the cafe‘s food menu are, for example, French Toast (white bread, vanilla, cinnamon, seasonal fruits, toasted granola, cream cheese, salted caramel), Penny’s Mac & Cheese (Turkey ham cooked with macaroni, homemade béchamel sauce, topped with cheddar and gruyere)…

Penny University Cafe Breakfast.

…Duck Waffles (Szechuan-style crispy duck leg on buttermilk waffles & orange hoisin sauce, with sunny side up egg), Portobello Burger (thyme grilled mushroom served with lettuce, avocado, tomato and hummus), as well as The Cured Meats Sandwich (grilled beef pastrami, turkey ham, melted edam, pickles, honey mustard, rockets, lettuce).

Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse in Singapore
402 East Coast Road
Singapore 428997
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm

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