Peony Jade Cantonese Restaurant – Dim Sum in Singapore

Peony Jade Cantonese restaurant, a great place to enjoy Dim Sum in Singapore, is located within Keppel Club (10 Bukit Chermin Road).

Established in September 2004, Peony Jade is a Chinese restaurant that serves highlights from traditional Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine.

Visiting the outlet, you’ll be especially impressed with the intricately crafted dim sum that make for great conversation starters.

Peony Jade Cantonese Restaurant - Dim Sum in Singapore.

Customer favourite on the menu also include the Steamed Piggy Char Siew Pao, which is filled with glazed barbecue pork and bamboo shoots.

Peony Jade Cantonese Restaurant - Handmade Dim Sum in Singapore.

The Cantonese restaurant at Keppel Club is a beautifully renovated setting with high ceilings and numerous windows overlooking a lush greenery, alluring the senses and providing an unrivaled dining experience.

Peony Jade Cantonese Restaurant Keppel Club – Dim Sum in Singapore
10 Bukit Chermin Rd, M Level, Keppel Club
Singapore 109918
Opening Hours: Monday 11am-2:30pm (Lunch), Tuesday-Thursday 11am-2:30pm (Lunch), 6pm-10pm (Dinner), Friday-Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm (Lunch), 6pm-10:30pm (Dinner)

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