Picxel Shop in Singapore

Innovative board game photo art company Picxel has one shop in Singapore, located within Marina Square (6 Raffles Boulevard).

Picxel is a all-in-one experiential game that can double as an art piece: it’s a board game made of bricks which creates an art piece using the customer’s choice of photo.

Picxel shop in Singapore.

For family and friends, creating a unique Picxel is a fun, collaborative, and bonding activity with the reward of seeing your very own picture come to life, picxel by picxel.

When put together by oneself, a Picxel is great therapy, allowing you to tune into your zone to turn your pile of picxels into a gorgeous piece of art.

There are three steps in the Picxel process. First, you have to select an photo to use for the Picxel board game art. Once the image is selected, you’ll receive your unique Picxel kit (featuring the photo) in just minutes.

Back home or giving the kit as a gift item, the kit is put together as a fun board game, and when ready, it doubles as a wonderful piece of art on the wall as an everlasting memory.

Picxel Marina Square
6 Raffles Blvd, #02-188, Marina Square
Singapore 039594

The official Facebook brand page for Picxel is located at www.facebook.com/Picxelit/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll see some of the latest Picxel art pieces created by the Picxel customers, the company’s special offers, events, and more.