Poppy Flora Studio Singapore – Flower Shops

Poppy Flora Studio Singapore operates a popular flower shop and flower workshops & coaching at 9A Dempsey Road.

The flower shop is known for being a visionary, using unique selections of flowers and creating beautiful, distinguishing arrangements that often innovatively push the limits of floral craftsmanship.

Each work, from bouquets to arrangements, is floral art, redefining expectations, inspiring actions, building relationships, and forging everlasting memories.

Poppy Flora Studio Singapore 2020.

In addition to providing flowers and floral services to customers from all walks of life, including bridal families and corporate clients, the company also arranges workshops and coaching.

Valentine's Day flowers 2020.

Their hands-on floral workshops offer in-depth tutelage while encouraging students to investigate and develop their personal signature styles.

These events are typically organized within a dedicated workshop space, located at 311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-05, Singapore 798484.

Poppy Flora Studio Singapore
9A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247698
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Poppy Flora Studio’s official Facebook page is located at facebook.com/poppyflorastudio/. Following the Facebook page, you’ll learn more about the company’s style of floral arrangements, upcoming workshops, news related to the outlet, and much more.

You can also follow their official Instagram account at instagram.com/poppyflorastudio/.