Poppy Pops – Gelato Popsicles in Singapore (CLOSED)

Poppy Pops, a great place to taste gelato popsicles in Singapore, is located within JEM shopping centre (50 Jurong Gateway Road). (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

Visiting the outlet, there are limitless possibilities of delicious popsicles on offer, including creating your own popsicle with fruits, nuts, chocolate, classic old vanilla, and more.

Creating your unique popsicle at the gelato shop has three stages: first, you need to pick a popsicle flavour, then a dip (half, drizzle, or nude), and finally, you choose a topping to finalize the look & taste.

Poppy Pops - Gelato Popsicles in Singapore - Triple Cookie Popsicle.

Triple Cookie Popsicle (caramel lotus base with Oreo, coated with dark chocolate).

Popular regular varieties on the gelato popsicle menu include Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicles, Hojicha Honeycomb Popsicles, Blueberry Basil Lemonade Popsicles, Mango Raspberry Swirl Popsicles, as well as Thai Milk Tea Popsicles.

Poppy Pops - Gelato Popsicles in Singapore - Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicles.

Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicle.

Coffee, tea, gelato, soft serve ice-cream, mini popsicles, and even alcoholic drinks (beers & ciders) plus fusion food & snack meals are available on the menu too, items such as Mentaiko Fries, Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer, and Hojicha Latte.

Poppy Pops Jem – Gelato Popsicles in Singapore (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #06-03, Jem
Singapore 608549

To learn more about Poppy Pops and their range of gelato popsicles in Singapore, you can follow the shop’s official social media pages, including Instagram at instagram.com/poppypopsg/.

Following the Instagram page, you’ll receive updates about changes to the popsicle cafe’s menu, their events, promotional offers, and more.