Prepped – Meal Kits Shop in Singapore

Prepped, a popular choice for meal kits in Singapore, has one store available, located within Clementi district, at 239 Pandan Loop.

The company specialises in selling an exciting range of ready-to-cook meal kits, where the ingredients are already washed, cut, and portioned into a dish that you can enjoy at home with less than 10 minutes of preparation.

All the heavy lifting has been done for you from chopping vegetables to marinating the meats, so that you can cook at your convenience just adjusting the level of oil and sauce for a healthy meal – minimum effort, maximum satisfaction.

Prepped - Meal Kits in Singapore.

With a curated selection of 10-12 rotating options available weekly, the recipes range from familiar Singaporean delights to adventurous meals inspired by other culinary cultures.

For the meals, produce is sourced from local distributors that also supply some of the region’s top restaurants, while meats come Australia (beef, pork), Brazil (pork, chicken), Malaysia (chicken), as well a Chile (Salmon).

Meal Kits in Singapore - Prepped.

The ready-to-cook kits are available in two sizes, single portions (serves 1) and double portions (serves 2) – designed to feed one to two persons when paired with rice or a carb of your choice.

Example choices on a typical week might include meals such as Quick Braised Beef Bulgogi, Thai Chilli Lime Seabass, Honey Ginger Chicken, and Japanese Style Beef Fried Rice.

Each of the kits has all the required ingredients, garnishes, and sauces to make your meal, except for oil, water (needed for some kits) and optional salt/pepper.

Ready-made Meals in Singapore - Prepped.

Furthermore, the kit packaging, on the front of each label, will indicate the type of equipment you may need at home.

The stir-fry kits require you to have a pan, a spatula and a stove, while the oven kits require an oven (the kit includes the tray), while the steamer kits require a steamer (or a pot, steam-safe plate and steaming tripod).

All of the kits are optimised to work on most basic kitchens, so that there is no need for special tools.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the ready made food company’s “One Minute Tutorials” (at the official website), cooking videos on how to make the meals, where experts take you through the entire process

Prepped – Meal Kits Shop in Singapore
239 Pandan Loop, #10-03
Singapore 128425
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

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