Puppy Yoga Studio – Yoga with Dogs in Singapore

Puppy Yoga studio, a delightful place for yoga with dogs in Singapore, is located within the Central Area (Boat Quay), at 5A Lorong Telok.

Founded by yoga instructor (and animal lover) Audrey Sin, the studio offers yoga classes that people can attend with or without their dogs.

A concept inspired by similar outlets in London, UK, the place combines Singaporeans’ love for their dogs with the popularity of yoga, as one of the rare activities that allow participation of both pets and their owners.

Puppy Yoga - Yoga with Dogs in Singapore.

Each of the classes are for 8 to 10 people each, with yoga mats and yoga blocks provided, led by experienced yoga teachers in a safe, stress-free environment surrounded by loving dogs who will come up to play & cuddle as you do yoga.

As a bonus, you get to play with other dogs beyond your own, while your pet can socialize with other dogs & humans as well in calm surroundings.

In terms of time, the classes are split into two main portions: 35 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of playtime with the dogs.

Yoga with Dogs in Singapore - Puppy Yoga.

Conditions for bringing a dog into a regular class is that the dog must be small (maximum height of 40 cm (at the shoulders) and max weight of 10kg), plus the dog must be non-agressive, friendly, vaccinated, potty trained, plus clean and healthy.

If your dog is bigger than this, the yoga studio organises classes for big dogs from time to time as well (with all the other requirements still needed to in order to participate).

Puppy Yoga Studio – Yoga with Dogs in Singapore
5A Lorong Telok, 2nd Floor (on top of vietnamese restaurant Cho Chung)
Singapore 049018

To learn more about Puppy Yoga and their classes for yoga with dogs in Singapore, you can follow the official social media channels, such as Facebook at facebook.com/puppyyoga.sg/.

There is also an official Instagram page available at instagram.com/puppyyoga.sg/ that is updated with details on upcoming classes, events, promotions, and more.