Purrfect Woof Gang Pet Store in Singapore

Pet store Purrfect Woof Gang has one location in Singapore, at Bukit Panjag Plaza (1 Jelebu Road).

Visiting the shop, you can purchase everything from pet supplies to pet snacks & treats, and pet grooming products to pet accessories.

Purrfect Woof Gang pet store at Bukit Panjang Plaza mall in Singapore.

The store carries products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, as well as small pets.

Among the pet product brands available at the shop are Acana, Absolute Bites, Accurate, AEE K9+, All For Paws, Aixia, Alex Animal Farms, Alfalfa Kings, Alice, Australian Pet Treat Company, Advanced Nutrition Formula, Annamaet Petfoods, American Pet, Apt 1022, rein, Avoderm, Back-2-Nature, Bacta-Pur, Bark, Barking Heads…

…Basic Instinct, Bioearth, Bio-Groom, Biohome, Blackwood, Britcare, Bronco, Budle Budle Organic, Burgess, Canine Tribute, CAT Leader, Cat It, Carefresh, Cesar, Chitocure, CIAO, Cloud Star, Codos, Comfy Cob, Daily Delight, Vet Dermcare, Delikate, Divine…

…DoggyMan, Eagle Pack, Earthbath, Easylife, 8-in-1, Eukanuba, Fancy Feast, Feliway, Feline’s Language, Forcans, Four Paws, Friskies, Frontline, Greedy Dog, Greenies, Habitrail, Hagen, Happidoggy, Happy Pet, Hide & Seek, Holistic Select, and Natural Pet.

Purrfect Woof Gang Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Rd, #01-52, Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

The official Facebook page for Purrfect Woof Gang Singapore is located at www.facebook.com/purrfectwoofgangSG/.

You can also follow the pet store’s official Instagram account, which in turn is available at www.instagram.com/purrfectwoofgangsg/.

Purrfect Woof Gang Products

Dogs: dry dog food – all life stages, dry dog food – puppy, dry dog food – adult, dry dog food – senior, raw dog food – freeze dried, dehydrated / air dried dog food, wet dog food, jerky & meat treats, dental chews, cookies & biscuits, fruit, ribs, freeze dried dog treats, yogurt, air dried dog treats, oven baked dog treats, dog grooming tools, dog shampoo, dog conditioner, pet blower, pet clipper & trimmer, dog healthcare products, dog care accessories.

Cats: dry cat food – all life stages, dry cat food – kitten, dry cat food – adult, dry cat food – senior, raw cat food – freeze dried, dehydrated / air dried cat food, wet cat food – canned cat food, wet cat food – pouches, jerky & meaty snacks, snacks, dental treats, cat grass, freeze dried cat treats, cat grooming tools, cat shampoo, cat conditioner, pet blowers, pet clipper & trimmer, cat litter, clay litter, crystal litter, paper litter, tofu litter, cat litter accessories, cat healthcare products, cat care accessories.

Birds: food, grooming, litter & bedding, healthcare, accessories.

Fish: food, aquatic plant, water test, water conditioners, healthcare.

Small Pets: Rabbit (food, treats, cage & accessories, grooming, healthcare, hay, bedding), Hamster (food, treats, cage & accessories, grooming, healthcare, hay, bedding), Guinea Pig (food, treats, cage & accessories, grooming, healthcare, hay, bedding), Chinchilla (food, treats, cage & accessories, grooming, healthcare, hay, bedding), Turtle (food).