Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore

You can discover Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore from within Quayside Isle at Sentosa Island (31 Ocean Way).

QuIPS is an international, nature-inspired pre-school / kindergarten for students aged from 18 months to 6 years old.

To be enrolled, children should turn the minimum age for the program during the academic year, which runs from August to June.

Enrollment is open throughout the year subject to availability. However, the school strongly recommends that you enquire about space availability at least a year ahead as wait lists for the classes are fairly common.

Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore.

QuIPS has a 6 to 1 ratio at the classes, and they are also capped at a maximum of 12 students with 2 teachers.

Of of the pre-school’s teachers are professional educators, recognised by the Early Childhood Development Agency of Singapore, which is the local regulatory body for the early childhood sector.

Curriculum at the place is steeped in a belief that learning should be motivating, engaging and fun.

In terms of structure, the education follows the inquiry-based International Early Years Curriculum UK (‘IEYC’) and the International Primary Curriculum UK (‘IPC’).

For literacy, QuIPS uses a leading and well-recognised UK based phonics and literacy programme throughout the whole-school that creates fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Preschool in Sentosa, Singapore - Quayside Isle Preparatory School.

The literacy program, which covers everything from phonology, comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, to vocabulary and handwriting, has every child assessed and the literacy is tailored specifically to their level and needs.

While worksheets (table top tasks) do take place and are used to reinforce the skills & concepts taught, the basis of the learning journey is more based on active play and engagement that draws on many of the senses.

This approach is used due to the fact that the more senses that are used in learning (where appropriate), the likelier a child is able to retain information, generalise and apply the learning.

Mandarin classes at the preschool are part of the language classes, an immersion program, where children will have 30-45 minute sessions with the Mandarin teacher, while the frequency is subject to grade level.

For those wanting more, there are specific extra curricular activities in Mandarin.

Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore
31 Ocean Way, #01-17, Quayside Isle, Sentosa
Singapore 098375

Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore communicates with their community using several social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/QuIPSchool/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll receive updates related to the centre’s events, details related to the classes, and more.