Raiders Martial Arts Studio – Taekwondo Classes Singapore

A good choice for Taekwondo classes Singapore, Raiders Martial Arts Studio operates within Sembawang Shopping Centre (604 Sembawang Road).

Founded by Mdm Poh Koh Ling in 2002, the family-oriented martial arts school offers a variety of martial arts and fitness related classes.

With classes available at the 130 sqm (1,400 sq ft) studio for children (4 years of age and above), teens, and adults (of all ages), you can learn Taekwondo, as well Hapkido, and the basics of self defense (to prepare for unexpected situations).

Raiders Martial Arts Studio - Taekwondo Classes Singapore - Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Of the martial arts classes, Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, is characterized by an emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

Hapkido, also a Korean martial art, is a form of self-defense that features joint locks, grappling, and throwing techniques, kicks, punches, and other striking attacks.

Raiders Martial Arts Studio Sembawang Shopping Centre – Taekwondo Classes Singapore
604 Sembawang Road, #02-23, Sembawang Shopping Centre
Singapore 758459
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-9pm

As a popular place for Taekwondo classes Singapore, the martial arts studio keeps in touch with their students via social media, like Facebook at

You can also follow their Instagram account at for updates related to classes, events, and more.