Sandbox VR – Virtual Reality Gaming Centre in Singapore

Sandbox VR, a state-of-the-art virtual reality gaming centre in Singapore, is located within Orchard Central mall, at 181 Orchard Road.

The location is on the 5th floor of the mall, at the heart of Orchard Road, the retail and entertainment district of Singapore.

Playing a VR game at the centre is currently the closest thing to the “holodeck” that exists on planet earth.

Sandbox VR - Virtual Reality Gaming in Singapore - Orchard Central.

The company combines motion capture from Hollywood studios with the latest in VR hardware to create the best VR gaming experience possible.

Because of these cutting edge features, the experience is very different from VR experiences you might have tried at home or at other places.

Virtual Reality Gaming in Singapore - Amber Sky 2088 - Sandbox VR.

In Singapore, the VR gaming location features 2 full sized game rooms, each equipped with the latest in virtual reality technology.

With a minimum of two people per room (and up to 6 guests on the larger room), you can choose from gaming experiences such as: Deadwood Valley (epic VR battle against zombies), UFL (player vs player VR game), Amber Sky 2088 (sci-fi action, rated Advisory 16), Star Trek: Discovery, Deadwood Mansion (zombie action, rated Mature 18), as well a Curse of Davy Jones (pirate VR game, rated Advisory 16).

The gaming experiences are available in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, with the default language being English. You should inform the staff if you would like to have the language changed to Mandarin or Cantonese.

Sandbox VR recommends that you dress in light, comfortable (not restrictive) clothing for the active experience, with cabinets available to store your belongings.

Sandbox VR Singapore - Virtual Reality Gaming.

Glasses cannot be worn. Instead, the centre recommends that you wear contacts as glasses may get scratched. Alternatively, there are limited sets of corrective lenses that can be placed in the headsets that range from 200 to 700 degrees if you need them.

There is also a minimum height requirement of 1.2m (48″) for all players, and for guests that are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must be physically present in the store during the session to sign a minor waiver form.

Sandbox Virtual Reality Gaming in Singapore.

Videos of your virtual reality gaming session, showing your team inside VR during gameplay will be made available for free. There are also props at the lobby for photo-taking purposes before and after session.

Sandbox VR Orchard Central – Virtual Reality Gaming Centre in Singapore
181 Orchard Road, #05-31, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:10pm, Friday 11:30am-12:10am, Saturday 10am-12:10am, Sunday 10am-10:10pm

As a popular virtual reality gaming centre in Singapore, Sandbox VR keeps in touch with their customer base via social media, like Facebook at

You can also follow the centre’s official Instagram page at for updates about new virtual reality games, promotions, events, and more.