Scuba MamaShop in Singapore (CLOSED)

Scuba diving specialty store Scuba MamaShop is located within Noel Building in Singapore, at 50 Playfair Road. (UPDATE 2020: THE SHOP HAS CLOSED)

Operated by DiveTeam5, a group of five passionate Singaporean divers, Suba MamaShop offers everything you’ll need for scuba diving.

Scuba MamaShop store Noel Building Singapore.

At the store, you’ll find scuba diving masks (snorkels, single lens masks, dual lens masks), fins (full foot fins, open heel fins), dive wear (rashguards, dive gloves, wetsuits, dive hoods, dive boots, dive shorts, dive pants)…

…BCDs (Buoyancy Compensator Devices), regulators, dive computers, and accessories (surface marker buoys, spools, pointers, cutting devices, torches, mask straps, mesh bags, clips, compasses, submersible pressure gauges (SPG)).

All of the available products have been chosen based on the fact that the owners really love to use these products themselves, which is also why you can ask the staff detailed questions about how the products can fit your specific scuba diving needs.

Furthermore, Scuba MamaShop’s gear is sold at affordable prices, making them a budget-friendly one-stop shop to equip yourself before a scuba diving adventure.

50 Playfair Road, #05-04, Noel Building
Singapore 367995
Hours: Monday by appointment, Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-10pm, Friday by appointment, Saturday-Sunday 12noon-6pm

Scuba MamaShop’s official Facebook page is available at

The Facebook page is a great place to keep an eye on the shop’s latest promotions, new products, events, scuba diving related news, and much more.