Self Aesthetics Medical Clinic in Singapore

Self Aesthetics Medical Clinic, a good choice for a HIFU non surgical facelift in Singapore, is located within Palais Renaissance (390 Orchard Road).

Part of EGO Medical Holdings, the aesthetic clinic offers a wide selection of safe, effective, and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments that empower individuals to look and feel their best at every stage of their lives.

Drawing upon many years of expertise in the advancing field of preventive and restorative aesthetics, the clinic’s broad range of personalized treatments provide lasting and effective results.

At the medical aesthetic clinic, you can choose your treatment from alternatives including Botox Treatment, Rejuran Healer, Skin Boosters, Smartlux LED Therapy, Profhilo Bio-Remodelling…

Self Aesthetics Medical Clinic - HIFU Non Surgical Facelift in Singapore.

…Discovery Pico Laser, Liftera Advance HIFU, Dermal Fillers, Painless Fat Freeze Treatment, as well as other Medi Facials And Signature Treatments.

Of these, the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facelift is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to tighten and lift the skin using ultrasound energy.

As a treatment, HIFU goes deep inside the skin to deliver the right amount of ultrasound at the depths and temperature to incite collagen growth. Specifically, the clinic’s Liftera technology uses the original theory of Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT).

Self Aesthetics Medical Clinic in Singapore
390 Orchard Road, #03-10/11, Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-3pm

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