Seoul Mart – Korean Mini Mart in Singapore

Popular Korean mini mart in Singapore, Seoul Mart, operates within Westgate shopping centre, at 3 Gateway Drive.

Visiting the mini mart, you’ll discover a variety of food items and household necessities that are unique to the Korean culture.

At the mini grocery store, there are, for example, a range of typical Korean foods, pre-packed kimchi, Korean teas, seaweeds, and other popular and tasty products.

Seoul Mart - Korean Mini Mart in Singapore.

Seoul Mart Westgate – Korean Mini Mart in Singapore
3 Gateway Drive, #B1-18, Westgate
Singapore 608532

If you’re looking for other alternatives for Korean products, Singapore has a range of Korean convenience store chains to choose from.

In addition to the outlet at Westgate, popular available ones elsewhere in Singapore include Shine Korea, Sol Mart, as well as Korean Mart Lotte.