Shabu Tontei Japanese Hot Pot in Singapore

Shabu Tontei Japanese Hot Pot in Singapore has two locations available, one at Jurong Point shopping centre (63 Jurong West Central 3) and another within NEX mall (23 Serangoon Central).

Owned and managed by RE&S, a regional food service company, the restaurant is a specialty shabu shabu restaurant featuring an assortment of pork dishes with different soup bases.

For the dishes, the restaurant uses only premium, imported meats and ingredients, such as Japanese Kurobuta (black pork) & Japanese Wagyu, which come with high marbling content that gives a juicy and chewy texture to the food, setting you craving for more.

Shabu Tontei Japanese Hot Pot in Singapore - Jurong Point.

Jurong Point.

While at the hot pot restaurant, you can, for example, gently stir the thinly sliced premium meat in a pot of bubbling konbu dashi (broth made with kelp) and dip it in the citrus ponzu or sesame sauce, then perfectly end the delicious meal by pouring a bowl of rice into the remaining broth to make delicious zousui (Japanese porridge).

You can also indulge in specialty pork items like tonteki (pork loin steak) and the tender, yet super crispy, tonkatsu (pork cutlet), plus golden brown Katsu items, all deep-fried to tender perfection using a unique double fry method.

Shabu Tontei Japanese Hot Pot in Singapore – Locations

Jurong Point
63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-52, JP2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648331

23 Serangoon Central, #B1-79, Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, NEX
Singapore 556083

The Shabu Tontei Japanese Hot Pot in Singapore outlets are owned and managed by RE&S, which also manages a portfolio of other Japanese dining brands.

Among these other brands are, for example, Kuriya Dining, Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Shimbashi Soba, Wattention Plaza, as well as Kabe No Ana.