Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Restaurant in Singapore

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet restaurant in Singapore, featuring a popular two-in-one Japanese cuisine concept, operates within JEM shopping centre, at 50 Jurong Gateway Road.

The outlet, a concept created by Dining Innovation Asia-Pacific, offers two all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurants under one roof, where you’ll be able to dine at great value.

Of the two restaurant sections, Shaburi specialises in offering Japanese Shabu-Shabu, while Kintan features premium Japanese BBQ, both with a classy, comfortable dining environment.

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Restaurant in Singapore - JEM.

Shaburi provides each of the guests with their own hot pot for Shabu-Shabu, as well as a selection of side dishes like sushi rolls, chawanmushi, chicken karaage and many more.

Highlights in Shaburi’s lunch and dinner buffet offering include the konbu, a Japanese seaweed broth, sukiyaki, a savoury sweet sauce served with mirin, as well as paitan karamiso, a paitan collagen soup with spicy miso.

Shaburi and Kintan Buffet restaurant JEM Singapore.

Kintan, meanwhile, has dishes in prepared in the traditional yakiniku-style, with meats sourced from U.S. and Australia, alongside a variety of more than 40 side dishes, vegetables, and sauces such as spicy miso and garlic and cheese curry flavored dips.

At Kintan, you can choose to dine a buffet lunch and dinner buffet, or select your dishes from an a selection of la carte meat plate sets throughout the day.

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant JEM Singapore.

Dining Innovation, the Japanese group behind the concept, operates similar restaurants also in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Cambodia.

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Restaurant in Singapore
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-11/12, JEM
Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

To learn more about Shaburi & Kintan Buffet restaurant in Singapore, you can browse the official Dining Innovation website at

The website features details about Japanese food culture in general, the brand’s managed by Dining Innovation, and much more.