Shake Salad – Healthy Food Vending Machine in Singapore

Shake Salad, a great choice for a healthy food vending machine in Singapore, is located within OUE Downtown Gallery shopping centre (6A Shenton Way).

Beyond Downtown Gallery, the company has over 160 locations island-wide, with each of the salad vending machines providing premium pre-packaged healthy food (salads, hearty bowls, sandwiches, healthy snacks), always sealed airtight to ensure freshness.

All of the well-balanced & nutritious products on these automated kiosks are created and prepared daily by the company’s in-house chef for best quality and taste, then restocked to the machines on a daily basis.

Shake Salad - Healthy Food Vending Machine in Singapore - OUE Downtown Gallery.

The vending machines are open for purchases 24 hours a day throughout the week, and feature multiple payment options. You can also discover the machines in Singapore in selected (400+ locations in total) convenience stores (7-Eleven, Cheers, Shell Select), supermarkets (Cold Storage, Giant), and minimarts (HAO Mart), where the hours may vary.

Among the top-selling choices on the automated salad kiosk menu are Caesar Salad (romaine lettuce, honey cherry tomatoes, premium japanese cucumber, seedless purple grapes, walnuts, red onions, baked russet potatoes, shaved parmesan cheese & croutons)…

Shake Salad Caesar Salad - Healthy Food Vending Machine in Singapore.

Chopped Salad (baby spinach, quinoa, tomatoes, corn kennel, raisins, roasted pumpkin seeds, crumbled feta cheese), as well as Cauliflower Rice Bowl (cauliflower, honey cherry tomatoes, charred baby corn, mesclun mix, shaved parmesan cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds).

Shake Salad OUE Downtown – Healthy Food Vending Machine in Singapore
6 Shenton Way, Near #01-41, OUE Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068809
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

The official Facebook brand page for Shake Salad and their services for healthy food vending machine in Singapore is located at

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to new items for sale at the automated kiosks, changes to vending machine locations, and more.