ShoeWise by Marton-Bell Shoe Store in Singapore

Shoe retailer ShoeWise by Marton-Bell operates within Novena Square in Singapore, at 238 Thomson Road.

Established in 2010 by Marton-Bell, ShoeWise sells shoe brands that provide style, comfort, and good health to the wearer.

ShoeWise by Marton-Bell shoe store Novena Square Singapore.

These brands include the world’s most comfortable footwear, Arcopedico from Portugal, Kalso Earth and Earth from the United States, as well as Ara and Jenny from Germany.

ShoeWise by Marton-Bell Novena Square Singapore.

Of the shoe brands, Arcopedico offers solutions to people, men and women, with foot problems (bunions, hammer toes, and other foot problems), creating the most comfortable shoes that provide multiple benefits to the wearer, even to those with normal feet.

Arcopedico’s shoes feature soft textile or leather uppers that are adjustable to any foot shape, making them especially suitable for expectant women and travelers who develop swollen feet.

Furthermore, lightweight Arcopedico footwear has ergonomic soles and insoles for relief to those customers who have to walk and stand for long times, as well as non-slip outer soles, ideal for the elderly.

Kalso Earth casual wellness shoes, meanwhile, were originally designed by a Danish yoga instructor Anne Kalso, featuring “negative heel” designs that naturally reduce joint stress and improve posture.

Anne Kalso created the footwear more than 40 years ago, after she made the observation, that the daily raising of the toes relative to the heels might actually help people attain a physical feeling of wellness like that achieved in the yoga position known as “Mountain” pose.

To complement the Kalso Earth collections of original wellness shoes, you can also purchase footwear from the brand’s Earth collection, featuring a line of comfortable shoes for the everyday working woman with contemporary designs and contemporary comfort.

Earth collection has, for example, dress shoes for work, casual shoes for after-work, and just about everything in-between, each designed with a cushioned footbed for ultimate comfort.

ShoeWise by Marton-Bell
238 Thomson Road, #02-38, Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

You can browse through parts of the available collections of footwear at ShoeWise at the company’s official website.

The official website,, also features an enquiry form, if you have further questions about the products or about the company.