So Ramen Outlets – 4 Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Singapore

You can choose from four So Ramen outlets for the chain of Japanese ramen restaurants in Singapore, including one location within NEX Mall (23 Serangoon Central).

The restaurant, where Sō translates to ‘beginning‘ and ‘creativity‘ in Japanese and Mandarin respectively, offers a menu that that features inspired versions of Japanese ramen dishes.

Made with premium wheat flour, the restaurant carries three different types of ramen noodles, each specially developed for optimal pairing with the respective broths for an unforgettable dining experience.

So Ramen Outlets - Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Singapore - NEX Mall.

NEX Mall.

There are five different delicious broths (Shoyu, Miso, Tonkotsu, Uobushi Tonkotsu and Spicy Tonkotsu), each simmered for hours to a achieve a rich flavour.

Overall, the menu contains ramen dishes, rice dishes, sides & salads, as well as beverages.

On the ramen restaurant menu, signature dishes include, for example, Grand Tonkotsu Ramen (Cha Shu, Toroniku, Buta Kakuni, and topped with a special Black Onion Sauce)…

Grand Tonkotsu Ramen - Ramen Restaurants in Singapore.

Grand Tonkotsu Ramen.

…Butariki Ishinabe (served in a heated stone-pot rice bowl & boasting both pan-fried and barbecued pork, spring onions, seaweed, raw egg, and a drizzle of addictive secret sauce), and Yaki Gyoza (premium pork that is marinated and wrapped in a translucent dumpling skin, then pan-seared to crispy perfection & paired with house dips of shoyu and chilli sauce).

So Ramen Outlets – Locations & Opening Hours – Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Singapore

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road, #B1-09, Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm

Breadtalk IHQ
30 Tai Seng Street, #01-03, Breadtalk IHQ
Singapore 534013
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm

23 Serangoon Central, #B2-58, NEX
Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm

Velocity @ Novena Square
238 Thomson Road, #01-05, Velocity @ Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm

As some of the top ramen restaurants in Singapore, So Ramen outlets keep in touch with their customer base via social media channels, like Facebook at

You can also follow the company’s official Instagram account at for updates about the restaurant chain’s current menu items, their promotions, events, and much more.