Sower Essentials – Christian Gift Shop in Singapore

Sower Essentials, a good Christian gift shop in Singapore, operates within Bible House, at 7 Armenian Street.

Founded in 2015, the company operates stores that offer Christian themed products and services from wide range of resources and gifts.

Main product categories at the gift store include Actseed, Arts of Blessings, Children’s Books, Crafune, Dr Monty’s, Forhelovesme, Glorious Seed, Jacob Rachel Christian Living, Kittea…

Sheepography Sower Essentials - Christian Gift Store in Singapore.

…Lilyvanity, Mandlyn, Mori, Noir Hom, Sheepography, Superblessed, The Clay Day, The Treasure Box, Twig & Co, Worship Generation, as well as ZeeZeeZee.

Sower Essentials Bible House – Christian Gift Shop in Singapore
7 Armenian Street, #01-01, Bible House
Singapore 179932
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm

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Popular Christian Gift Items – Sower Essentials

Bibles: Gifting a Bible is a meaningful gesture in the Christian faith. Bibles may come in various translations and styles, and some may be specifically designed for certain age groups or preferences.

Religious Art and Icons: Artistic representations of Christian themes, such as paintings, sculptures, or icons, can be cherished gifts. These items often depict scenes from the Bible, saints, or religious symbols.

Crosses and Crucifixes: Crosses and crucifixes are common Christian symbols. They come in various forms, including pendants, wall hangings, and desktop ornaments. Some may be intricately designed or made from special materials.

Religious Jewelry: Christian-themed jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, or rings featuring crosses or religious symbols, are popular gifts. They can be made from various materials, including gold, silver, or even beads.

Christian Books: Inspirational books, devotionals, or literature written by well-known Christian authors make thoughtful gifts. These books may provide spiritual guidance or share personal testimonies.

Christian Music: CDs, DVDs, or digital downloads of Christian music, hymns, or worship songs can be uplifting gifts for believers. Music has a universal appeal and can enhance the worship experience.

Prayer Journals: Journals designed for prayer and reflection are practical gifts. They often include prompts for writing prayers, thoughts, and reflections.

Christian Clothing and Apparel: T-shirts, hats, or other clothing items with Christian messages or symbols are popular among the youth. These items can serve as both fashion statements and expressions of faith.

Candles and Candle Holders: Decorative candles with Christian motifs or verses, along with stylish candle holders, can create a serene atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

Christian Home Decor: Items like wall art, plaques, or decorative items with Christian messages or verses can be used to adorn homes and serve as constant reminders of faith.