Stage Live Music Restaurant in Singapore

Live music restaurant Stage is located at 60 Prinsep Street in Singapore.

The restaurant’s menu features Italian cuisine, with everything prepared and served fresh from high quality ingredients as a fusion of classics like pizza and pasta accented with locally-inspired flavours.

Stage live music restaurant Singapore.

Highlights on the menu are the hand-streched, crispy pan pizzas, which are decorated with the sweetest choice of meats and finished with a touch of Asian flavours.

Among the Stage customers, the no. 1 pizza variety in demand is the Hawaiian Pizza, which is topped with generous mozzarella cheese, sweet sliced ham, chunks of pineapple, and sprinkled with mushrooms, onions, and capsicums for perfected taste.

Beyond Hawaiian, the pizza menu contains varieties of Smoked Salmon (smoked salmon, onions, capsicums, herbs, mozzarella cheese), Beef (grounded beef, jalapeno peppers, herbs, mozzarella cheese)…

…Truffle Mushroom (fresh mushrooms, onions, capsicums, mozzarella cheese with truffle oil drizzle), Classic Ham & Cheese (ham, onions, olives, capsicums, mozzarella cheese), as well as Sambal Chicken (spicy chicken, onions, cilantro, capsicums, mozzarella cheese),

For pastas, you can choose from Prawn Aglio Olio (spaghetti with prawn chili and white wine), Creamy Prawn & Scallop (spaghetti with prawn scallops, wine and Parmesan cheese), Black Pepper Beef (spaghetti with beef cubes, garlic and black pepper sauce)…

…Chicken Pasta (spaghetti with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and olives), Bolognese (spaghetti with minced beef, tomato sauce with fresh herbs), and Carbonara (linguine in creamy bacon sauce with liaison of poached egg and Parmesan cheese).

You can complement your meal from a selection of small bites, such as Crispy Pork Belly, Sausage with Pepper Sauce, Winglet Chicken Lollipop, Crispy White Bait, Classic Chicken Mid Wing, Fried Shimeji Mushroom, Potatoes Skin, Truffle Fries, and Garlic Bread.

Apart from the great Italian food, many come to Stage, with capacity for a maximum of 100 guests, for the live music entertainment, which starts Monday-Saturday at 8pm.

To keep up with the list of artists performing at Stage, you can follow the restaurant’s Facebook page, located at

60 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188664
Hours (Restaurant): Monday-Sunday 4pm-late
Hours (Live Music): Monday-Saturday 8pm-late

In addition to the official Facebook page, the official Stage website is a great resource of information about the place.

The website, at, features, for example, the full dining menu, drinks menu, a news section, information about Stage’s “Open Mic” nights, and much more.