Star Cinnamon Bakery Shops in Singapore

Cinnamon rolls shop Star Cinnamon is located at Bugis Junction shopping centre in Singapore, at 200 Victoria Street.

Star Cinnamon specializes in cinnamon rolls, which are freshly baked every day using only the finest ingredients, and made according to a recipe that was developed over a three year period.

Star Cinnamon bakery shop Bugis Junction Singapore.

The cinnamon rolls are soft, fluffy, and moist, with the entire preparation process taking more than a day for the dough to develop and mellow to perfection.

Then, the soft dough is rolled with creamy butter and cinnamon sugar before baking with melted butter and caramelized sugar, and finally topped with extra dose of butter caramel.

For cheese lovers, Star Cinnamon spreads the top of the cinnamon rolls with their signature cream cheese, adding a final touch with a flame until golden brown.

In total, you can choose your cinnamon roll from over 20 different types of flavours.

Available flavours include Star Royal Cheese, Star Original Caramel, Star Peanut Butter Jelly, Star Chocolate Crunchy, Star Tiramisu, Star Spotty Cheese, Star Praline Cheese, Star Apple Booster, Star Blueberry Power…

Star Cinnamon cinnamon rolls Singapore.

…Star Caramel Crown, Star Banana Bonanza, Star Hazelnut Chocoholic, Star Marbel Cheese, Star Almond Awesome, Star Almond Chocolate, Star Cheesy Deluxe, Star Oreo Oreo, Star Royal Fudge, Star Wicked Wheat, Star Hazelnut Caramel, Star Caramel Date, Star Baked Cheddar Cheese…

…Star Chocolate Fudge Crumble, Star Cheese Oreo Swirl, Star Bread Butter Pudding, Star Strawberry Fruity Cheese, Star Tiramisu Lava, Star Caramel Lava, Star Strawberry Spotted Chocolate, and Star Tutty Fruity.

Star Cinnamon Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #B1-K2, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Star Cinnamon’s official Facebook page is located at

The Facebook page is a great source of information on the available cinnamon flavours, new additions to the menu and seasonal flavours, Star Cinnamon’s promotions, and much more.