Steward’s Little Children’s Clothing Store in Singapore (CLOSED)

Children’s clothing store Steward’s Little is located within NEX shopping mall (23 Serangoon Central) in Singapore. (UPDATE 2020: THE SHOP HAS CLOSED)

Steward’s Little, a Singapore-based kidswear business, operates with a philosophy that their customers’ children deserve nothing but the best.

Steward's Little store NEX Singapore.

To achieve this goal, the company uses 100% premium cotton for the perfect outfits at sale, fitting the little precious ones.

At the store, you’ll find Little Fairy collections, as well clothing by the Steward’s Little’s in-house brand Odelia-T.

Little Fairy Collection showcases the benefits of premium English-style premium cotton, which are made without compromise and always at great price to quality.

Odelia-T by Steward’s Little, meanwhile, available for fashionable mommies, makes for perfect matches in mommies-and-daughters coordinated wear.

The overall product range includes little dresses (for girls below 7 years old), cardigans, leggings, handmade hair accessories (hairclips, scrunchies, baby hairbands), and mommies dresses (maxi dresses).

Steward’s Little NEX (UPDATE 2020: THE STORE HAS CLOSED)
23 Serangoon Central, #04-K11
Singapore 556083

Steward’s Little’s official Facebook page is located at

The Facebook page is a great resource for keeping up-to-date on the store’s latest promotions and newest products.