Sweet Hut – Dessert Cafe in Singapore

Sweet Hut dessert cafe in Singapore is located within Geylang district, at 654 Geylang Road.

Open to customers since January 2021, the outlet features a fun decor inspired by popular cafes & Korean dramas and a menu of traditional desserts with a modern appeal.

Highlights of a visit to the place are everything from tasty finger foods to small bites, and traditional & modern desserts to bubble teas in favourite flavours.

Sweet Hut - Dessert Cafe in Singapore.

Among the top choices on the cafe menu are, for example, Musang King Durian Mousse, Shredded Bird’s Nest and Durian with Coconut Milk, Herbal Guilinggao, Almond Paste, Black Glutinous Rice, Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seeds, Coconut Milk Mango Ice…

Dessert Cafe in Singapore - Sweet Hut.

…Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls, Golden Fried Durian, Golden Mee Sua, Fried Otah, Caramel Milk Bubble Tea, as well as Strawberry Milk Bubble Tea.

Sweet Hut – Dessert Cafe in Singapore
654 Geylang Rd, Geylang Lor 40
Singapore 389584
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 3pm-4am

To learn more about Sweet Hut dessert cafe in Singapore, you can follow their official social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/sweethutsg/.

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at instagram.com/sweethutsg/ and updated with details about promotions, new menu items, and more.