Syohachi Yakiniku – Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Singapore

Syohachi Yakiniku, a popular Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore, operates within Guoco Tower shopping centre (7 Wallich Street).

Open to customers since October 2020, the Japanese yakiniku (grilled meat) all-you-can-eat restaurant is best known for their selection of true Japanese A5 Wagyu beef.

To ensure premium quality for their beef cuts, the outlet sources the meat directly from award-winning Hidakami Ranch in Sendai, Japan.

Notice, however, that the Japanese restaurant has several tiers available for the buffet service, each with a separate pricing, dining time limit, and access to different quality of ingredients.

Syohachi Yakiniku Guoco Tower - Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Singapore.

The most affordable buffet option naturally has the shortest dining time limit, with unlimited servings of only the most basic ingredients on the menu.

Middle priced tier for lunch service, as an example, includes unlimited servings of chicken, pork, Angus beef cuts, seafood, and vegetables, as well as a single serving of sashimi.

Priciest of the tiers, Premium A5 Japanese Wagyu A La Carte Buffet, is available the whole day, from lunch service (11:30am-3pm) through afternoon tea (3pm-5pm) to dinner.

In terms of ambience, the restaurant has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, with open yakiniku grills, comfortable booths, and warm & soft lighting.

Syohachi Yakiniku Guoco Tower – Syohachi Yakiniku – Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Singapore
5 Wallich Street, #01-13, Guoco Tower
Singapore 078883
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-11pm

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