T-Play – 2 HomeTeamNS Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore

You can choose from two T-Play HomeTeamNS indoor playgrounds in Singapore, one at Bukit Batok Clubhouse (2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7) and another within Khatib Clubhouse (2 Yishun Walk).

Both playgrounds feature an interesting theme – Bukit Batok a “Transportation” theme and Khatib a “Peranakan” cultural theme.

Of the locations, 390 m2 Bukit Batok T-Play, which was the first to open to customers in 2015, has a specially crafted, kid-friendly (between 6 months and 12 years) interactive “Transportation” themed playground that was made entirely in Sweden and assembled in Singapore.

T-Play Bukit Batok - HomeTeamNS Indoor Playground in Singapore.

The arena consists of spectacular designs and interactive play centres, like trampoline, ball pits, and slides, each with designs that have been heavily influenced by Changi Airport features.

Overall, the indoor playground design was made to engage the child’s brain development, motion coordination, and sense of direction, while parents can observe their young ones from a distance and later enjoy together the various facilities available at the clubhouse.

Indoor Playground Bukit Batok - T-Play HomeTeamNS.

Bukit Batok T-Play also provides additional services, including planning for special events like birthdays and field trips.

You can choose from a range of existing birthday packages one that fits your child best, while the centre’s Zoom Camp, a triannual event taking place during the school holidays, melds exciting activities together into an unforgettable two-day experience.

For the events, T-Play Bukit Batok has several party rooms suitable to host birthday parties and field trips.

T-Play Khatib HomeTeamNS indoor playground in Singapore, meanwhile, has been open since August 2020, and provide a 650 m2 “Peranakan” themed wonderment for children.

Peranakan Themed Playground in Singapore - T-Play HomeTeamNS Indoor Playground.

For the cultural Peranakan adventureland playground experience, T-Play has partnered with The Intan, Singapore’s award winning House Museum, as a place where fun, play & learning come together in a truly Singaporean spirit.

Themed highlights at T-Play Khatib include interactive trampoline, climbing slide tower, sport pitch, foam ball shooting arena, ninja course for toddlers and many more.

Indoor Playground Khatib - T-Play - HomeTeamNS Indoor Playground in Singapore.

Of these, the Climbing Slide Tower has long slides, such as iconic dragon slide, with an extra thrilling experience of sliding through a tunnel.

Sport Pitch, on the other hand, is a playground to participate in futsal, a fun, fast-paced small sided soccer game that encourages team spirit with 2 teams of 2 children.

Kids can sharpen their aiming skills at the compressor controlled Foam Ball Shooting Arena, which features safe, soft foam balls.

Interactive Trampoline is also a great way to have fun, stimulating the body to naturally release endorphins, while bouncing further helps to improve a child’s overall coordination.

Ball Pit in Singapore - Indoor Playground in Singapore.

Of the ways to have multi-sensory play at the indoor playground, Ball Pit allows children to enhance their motor skills and strengthen their muscles.

Finally, Ninja Course contains elements from the famous American Ninja Warrior TV game show (based on the Japanese television series Sasuke), as a great play element for kids to increase their core strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence.

Beyond the indoor playground, T-Play Khatib organises weekly craft sessions (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for the little ones, specially curated with Peranakan influences.

Also, on weekends & school holidays, there are interesting & fun-filled programmes to challenge kids’ imagination & creativity, and encourage parents to be part of the journey.

T-Play Locations & Opening Hours – HomeTeamNS Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore

Bukit Batok
2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Level 2, HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok
Singapore 659003
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-7pm, Friday 1pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-9pm

2 Yishun Walk, Level 1, HomeTeamNS Khatib
Singapore 767944
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-7pm, Friday 1pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-9pm

To learn more about T-Play HomeTeamNS indoor playground in Singapore, you can follow the centres’ official Facebook page at facebook.com/TPlaySG/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay up to date on the playgrounds’ upcoming events, promotions, and more.